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Heating jacket – use in the high temperature range

Heating jacket – use in the high temperature range

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The GATHER heating jacket system ensures an even heating of the pump head by the flow of a heating medium. The heating jacket can be easily plugged and installed onto the pump head. Due to the appropriate design and material selection – especially in the area of the magnetic pot and the seals – the stainless steel pump can be used up to a system pressure of 300 bar and at a simultaneous temperature of +450°C. The heat transfer to the drive is reduced by special connecting parts.

GATHER Heating jacket
GATHER Heating jacket

Technichal data


Stainless steel (1.4571)

Temperature range

T = -15 up to +450°C


FFKM (FDA-compliant)


  • Heating connections  G1/4

  • Housing stainless steel 1.4571

  • Pressure in the heating jacket up to 20 bar

  • Heating / cooling medium: brine, steam, thermal oil, etc.

  • Heating temperature up to +450°C

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