GATHER Pump materials

The right material for every medium

The right material for every medium

GATHER Pumpenwerkstoffe

GATHER Industrie’s magnetically coupled gear pumps are all suitable for the operation of non-lubricating liquids. This is due, on the one hand, to the internal rinsing of the pump with the liquid to be delivered and, on the other hand, to the materials used:

The housing and shaft material can optionally be stainless steel (material no. 1.4404 resp. 1.4571), Hastelloy® C-276 (material no. 2.4819) or titanium grade 2 (material no. 3.7035). These materials guarantee a high strength and best chemical corrosion properties at temperatures up to +450°C. The materials used for the gears and slide bearings must have particularly good tribological properties and excellent chemical resistance. Particularly suitable for this purpose are the proven materials PTFE, carbon and PEEK in combination with a special nickel based alloy, which cannot be welded together with the above-mentioned housing materials („Non Galling Alloy“). The materials can be freely combined with each other. This allows to combine materials which have the longest service life. The sealing materials available are PTFE, carbon, metals and all elastomers  from EPDM, FKM, (Viton®) to FFKM (Kalrez®, Perlast®) and many others. With this choice of material almost all applications occurring in chemical process engineering can be covered. Please use our consulting service to find the optimal solution for your application.

Housing and shaft materials:

Stainless steel (1.4404 and 1.4571)
Among the generally used austenitic stainless steels 1.4404 and 1.4571 have a particularly good chemical resistance 1.4404 can be electropolished especially well.

Hastelloy® C-276 (2.4819)
Nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with high resistance to pitting in oxidizing and reducing liquids (e.g. strongly oxidizing liquids such as chlorides, fluorides, formic, hydrofluoric, hydrochloric and sulfuric acid). C-276 is the all-round Hastelloy® with generally the best chemical properties.

Titanium Grade 2 (3.7035)                                                                                                                Particularly suitable for iron III chloride (40%), glycolic acid and metal-ion-free inserts (plastic pumps are often used here, titanium pumps are more robust!)

Gear material                                                                                                                                                 Nickel alloy, cobalt alloy, PEEK mod., PEEK comp., PTFE comp. (FDA compliant), PTFE (Fluorosint®), PVDF, PCTFE

Slide bearing material                                                                                                                                        Carbon (pure), carbon-antimony impregnated, carbon resin impregnated (FDA compliant), PEEK mod., PEEK comp., PTFE (Fluorosint®), stainless steel or Hastelloy®, silicon carbide

GATHER Pump materials

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