Gear pump
Technical Data
Viscosities 0,1 up to 2000 mPa s (cP)
Temperature range –200 up to +450°C
Flow rate 20 ml up to 4000 l/h
Differential pressure up to 20 bar
Multi-Purpose Laboratory pump
Technical Data
Viscosities 1,0 up to 500 mPa s (cP)
Temperature range 0 up to +85°C
Flow rate 0,6 up to 180 l/h
Differential pressure up to 10 bar
Turbine pump
Technical Data
Viscosities 0,3 up to 100 mm2/s (cSt)
Temperature range –200 up to +450°C
Flow rate 60 up to 3600 l/h
Differential pressure up to 5 bar


Inline Filter “Mini”
Max. system pressure 500 bar
Max. temperature +350°C
Standard fineness 10 µm
Overflow valves
Material Stainless steel
Temperature –15 up to +300°C
Seals FFKM
Non-return valves
Material Stainless steel
Response pressure 1,0 barg
(± 10%)
Heating jacket
Material Stainless steel
Pressure up to 20 bar
Heating temperature up to +450°C

Why GATHER pumps?

With the right design of the pump as well as the selection of materials and seals according to the medium and application, we offer our customers process-reliable and durable solutions.  The pump bodies of the turbine and gear pumps and the shafts are made of stainless steel, Hastelloy® or titanium, the sleeve bearings of carbon or plastics such as PEEK or PTFE. In the case of gear pumps, the gears are made of a nickel-based alloy, PEEK or PTFE (Teflon®) and can be freely combined with each other. The materials used for the gear wheel, slide bearing and shaft all have excellent tribological properties. The use of the magnet coupling, the internal cooling system together with the high precision of all components result in a very robust design with an extremely long service life. Depending on the application (medium), the pumps operate maintenance-free. 

GATHER is not only a component manufacturer, but also a solution provider for design as a complete system according to customer specifications with the corresponding control loop and accessories.  Special solutions are our speciality as well. This also includes the use in potentially explosive atmospheres in  compliance  with the ATEX directives.  Our sales engineers and partners have extensive expertise and application knowledge and are your contacts. Either on-site at your premises or at our head office in Wülfrath.

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