Flat-face tank coupling

Flat-face tank coupling

 Flachdichtende Tankkupplung - Serie DBG-SV

Shut-off design in both sides, dry-break and capable of connecting under residual pressure

The hose couplings of the DBG SV series have self-closing shut-off valves. When disconnecting, there are no liquid leakages from the hose and container, no air or dirt enters the line system when connecting.  These dry-break hose couplings offer a high degree of safety during refuelling, filling and decanting, because despite frequent coupling, environmental damage or hazards to persons due to leaking liquids are excluded. The liquids do not come into contact with the ambient air. Coupling and uncoupling is very easy and smooth, even if the lines are under residual pressure.

Flat-face tank coupling
Series DBG-SV

Technical data


Stainless steel (1.4404, 1.4021)


FKM, EPDM, FFKM, FVMQ, NBR, CR et al. (also FDA-compliant)

Temperature range

-55 up to +300°C
(according to seal type)

* other elastomers on request!

Technical Data of the DBG-SV series (Flat-face tank coupling)

Nominal width
DN 25 DN 40 DN 50 DN 65
Allowable operating pressure [bar]1) 65 40 25 16
Max loss [ml]2) 0,1 0,3 2,2 3,6

1) static, coupled at 20°C
2) max leakage by wetting the valves

Dimensions [mm]

Female thread G 1 1.1/2 2 2.1/2
A 107 135 145 152
B 115 115 119 140
C 81 103 104 133
D 56 75 74 100
E 172 187 197 232
F 143 143 142 142
coupled 142 187 195 228
SW 1/2 55 & Ø6 / 50 65 / 70 75 / 65 95 / 90

During coupling, sockets and nipples are pushed into each other. The coupling is shut off externally.  A good third of a turn locks the socket with the nipple and then opens the valves which release the media flow. The dead space-free design prevents air inclusions during connecting and drip losses during disconnecting.

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