GATHER Multi-Purpose laboratory pump

Compact, robust and versatile

Compact, robust and versatile

GATHER Multi-Purpose Laborpumpe

As already explained under „Magnetically coupled gear pump“, the GATHER gear pump is a hermetically sealed pump.  This pump was designed multifunctionally in its materials in order to be able to pump many different liquids used in the laboratory.

In addition, a drive with integrated speed control is used which is a „plug and play“ solution ready for conncetion and available from stock.  

GATHER Multi-Purpose Laboratory pump

GATHER Laboratory pump

General operating data for laboratory pumps

Technichal data
Your operating data

Laboratory application


0 up to +85°C

Ambient temperature

0 up to +40°C


1,0 up to 500 mPa s

  • Maximum possible differential pressure: 10 bar

  • Maximum permissible system pressure: 16 bar abs

  • The pressure at the suction port must be at least o.1 bar above the vapour pressure of the liquid.

  • The pump requires inlet, i.e. the maximum flow rate must be fed to the pump without suction

  • Differential pressure, flow rate and delivery speed according to characteristic curve (for 1.0 mPa s)

  • Due to manufacturing tolerances, the characteristic curve of the pump head may deviate from the averaged characteristic curve. Therefore we recommend calibrating the pump head individually. 

Laboratory pump, magnetically coupled – Series 1

  • Types

    LAB-ZP-6, LAB-ZP-9, LAB-ZP-12
  • Housing

    Stainless steel 1.4571

  • Shafts

    Stainless steel 1.4571

  • Gear
    PEEK (30% CFK)
  • Bearings

    Slide bearing – PEEK (30% CFK)

  • O-Ring Seals
  • Type of Magnet D Magnet

    Encapsulation stainless steel 1.4571


1/4“ NPT female thread (lateral)
in connection with drive (with connecting parts)


For the intended use of the GATHER multi-purpose laboratory pump, the instructions in the operating manuals must also be observed.

GATHER Laboratory pump

Characteristic curve diagram

Characteristic curve diagram

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