Flat-face quick disconnect coupling 

Flat-face quick disconnect coupling 

Flachdichtende Schnellkupplung Serie DBG

GATHER’s flat-face quick disconnect couplings of the DBG series shut off on both sides and can be operated with one hand. They are designed in such a way that no liquids escape when disconnected and no air pockets enter the pipe system when connected. The design of their internal structure allows inline cleaning CIP (Cleaning in Place).

All components are sufficiently washed around, product adhesions are completely removed. The pressure drop in the quick disconnect coupling is very low, as the flushability is achieved by its inner contour which ensures a favourable flow. All seals are located on the inside, which means increased operational safety.

  • Dry-break, robust and safe for every application

  • DBG series, DN 4 to DN 65

  • Over 500,000 coupling cycles

  • The price cutter made of simple, alloyed steel

Flat-face quick disconnect coupling
Series DBG

Technical data


Stainless steel (1.4404, 1.4021)


FKM, EPDM, FFKM, FVMQ, NBR, CR et al. (also FDA-compliant)

Temperature range

-120 up to +325°C (according to seal type)

*other elastomers on request!



Flat-face design ensures a dry-break disconnection and inclusion-free connection.
  • Temperature range from -120 up to +325°C

  • One-hand operability

  • Dry-break connection: no environmental damages or risks to persons from leaking liquids or gases

  • Inclusion-free coupling: no air or dirt ingress into the pipe system

  • CIP-capable (Cleaning in Place):inline cleaning without product residues

  • Seal replacement on the socket in the installed state

  • All connection types: numerous thread types, hose nozzles, flanges, special connections

  • Stainless steel rustfree, Hastelloy®, Titanium
  • Special types:
    • with hose break protection
    • with electronic recognition system
    • with mechanical coding
    • with mechanical coding
    • with handles
  • ready-to-install couplings for docking systems
  • series types ex stock
Series nominal width allowable
operating pressure [bar]1)
max loss [ml]2) Standard
DBG 1 DN 4 320 0,01 G 1/4
DBG 2 DN 6 400 0,02 G 1/4
DBG 3 DN 10 400 0,02 G 3/8
DBG 4 DN 12 300 0,03 G 1/2
DBG 6 DN 20 300 0,06 G 3/4
DBG 8 DN 25 300 0,10 G 1
DBG 12 DN 40 50 0,30 G 1.1/2
DBG 16 DN 50 40 2,20 G 2
DBG 20 DN 65 30 3,60 G 2.1/2

1) static, coupled at 20°C
2) by wetting the valves

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