Flat-face sterile coupling

Flat-face sterile coupling

Flachdichtende Sterilkupplung Serie DBG-CSP

Principle: First seal, then release the flow! During the coupling process, the ring valve of the socket and the flat valve of the nipple push against each other. Before the valves release the flow, the interior is shut-off against the environment. The dead space-free design prevents air inclusions when connecting and drip losses when disconnecting.

The robust DBG series represents the top model in its market with over  ½ million coupling cycles.

  • Dry-break, robust and safe for every application

  • Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, Ra ≤ 0,8 µm

  • Special product line within the DBG series, DN 6 to 40

  • Unique in its class

Flat-face sterile coupling

Series DBG-CSP – Flat-face sterile coupling

Technical data


Stainless Steel (1.4404, 1.4021)


FKM, EPDM, FFKM, FVMQ, NBR, CR et al. (also FDA-compliant)

Temperature range

-55 up to +300°C (according to seal type)

* other elastomers on request!

When coupled, the sterile coupling is shut off to the outside. When disconnecting, it is important that the exposed front-end valve surfaces are not touched by the operator. Cleaning these surfaces, for example with ethanol and a short drying break before re-coupling provides additional safety.

The coupling can be equipped with protection against accidental contact and protective caps as a support.


The flat-face design enables non-drip disconnection and inclusion-free connection.
  • Leakage-free separation and connection of pipe and hose lines under aseptic conditions
  • Sterizable in-line: no disassembly, no dismantlement required
  • Suitable for temperatures from -55 to +300°C
  • FDA-compliant, steam-resistant seals inside the coupling, no damage from the outside
  • Very good flow behaviour through flow-optimized inner contour
  • Simple design enables quick replacement of the sealing rings
  • Easy attachment to already existing sterile connections such as aseptic screw connections, Triclamp …
  • Quick connection and disconnection of liquid and gas lines without loss of medium
  • Nominal widths from DN 6 to DN 40
  • Dry- break disconnection: no environmental damage or danger to persons through leakage liquids or gases
  • Inclusion-free coupling: no air or dirt ingress into the pipe system
  • CIP-capable (Cleaning in Place):in-line cleaning without product residues
  • Seal replacement on the socket in the installed state
  • Ra ≤ 0,8 µm
  • FDA-compliant
  • All connection types: numerous thread types, hose nozzles, flanges, special connections

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