Accessories for emergency release couplings

Accessories for emergency release couplings

Zubehör für Nottrennkupplungen

Double shut-off, release by traction rope


A hose line which is used to convey hazardous media must have a predetermined breaking point. The latter prevents the escape of hazardous liquids or flammable gases in the event of unexpectedly occurring tensile forces. Usually, flange couplings screwed together with a tear-off bolt are used for this purpose. If this coupling has come off in an emergency, more effort will be required to reasssemble the connection; the manufacturer’s customer service must re-bolt the coupling.

Emergency separation function

Our double shut-off quick coupling with its de-coupling by traction rope offers a more cost-effective solution: A wire rope attached to the sliding sleeve of the coupling socket pulls it in the opening direction when pulling forces on the hose occur. The nipple located in the socket is unlocked, the valves of both coupling parts close.  Only then does the nipple slide out of the sealing ring of the socket.  After unlocking, both ends can be connected again by simply plugging them into each other; the coupling is immediately ready for use again. The wire rope length is so selected that the sliding sleeve of the socket moves in the opening direction before the hose tightens.


  • No shear pins or shear bolts need to be replaced after an emergency separation; simply plugging them into each other is sufficient to restore the connection.
  • Emergency release coupling and quick coupling are combined in one system.
  • The coupling does not have to be in the middle of the hose to function properly, but is attached directly to the engine: In an emergency, the vehicle will not drive off with a disconnected hose piece, but the entire hose will remain at the loading station!
Accessories for emergency release couplings

Accessories for DBG and HK series

Zubehör für Serien DBG und HK


Handles facilitate handling, especially of large sizes, praticularly if the operator has to work with gloves or even under full protection.

Dust caps

The safe protection against contamination of the coupling or valve surfaces.

Materials: plastic, aluminum, stainless steel


Handles facilitate handling
Dust caps
Dust caps

Electronic coding system

Elektronisches Codiersystem


When manufacturing formulae in the production of basic material and active ingredients, storage tanks must be assigned to the correct reactors. An identification system mounted on the coupling and integrated in the operating handles helps in the recognition of the lines. This system consists of a code carrier which contains information, and the read head which reads the stored information and transmits it to the control room. The control room can be used to control and check whether the allocation of tank and reactor is correct. When connected, the read head of the recognition system is in contact with the code carrier. The control room releases the connections and the medium can be conveyed into the reactor.

Identification system

Ex-protected (ATEX)
Connection to SPS or PC serial, parallel, BUS

This system enables the user to:

  • Connect and disconnect hose lines without loss of media

  • Check the correct allocation of containers

  • Avoid product mixing due to incorrectly connected lines

  • Prevent expensive production errors

Electronic coding system
Identification system

Mechanical coding system

Mechanisches Codiersystem


If different products are filled or transferred, certain products must not come into contact with each other. The connections to the lines must be unmistakable. The mechanical coding of the pipe-hose-quick-coupling serves this purpose.

The mechanical coding system allows different codings. It remains very clearly visible from the outside even during the coupling process and can be easily turned into position. In doing so, the hose is not twisted. Time-consuming trial and error of the correct coding is no longer required and colour coding is not neccessary either.

If the allocation of container and hose has been incorrect, the valves can never be pushed open, and thus result in product mixing. If the coupling is placed at an angle, the valves will not open.

Mechanical coding system
Mechanical coding system
Mechanische Codiersysteme

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